HOW A SESSION WORKS: I will start with a blessing and a prayer calling in all of the Ascended Masters, Reiki Masters, Guides and Angels. I start with traditional Reiki symbols and do a “body scan” to clairvoyantly see how I can help you in the best way possible for your greatest and most highest good. I also address the individual to see if there is anything you would personally like to concentrate on consciously. (sometimes two heads are better than one!) I visualize an anatomical body figure and will be able to sense where discordant or stagnant energy lay in the body or energy meridians. I will have intuitive insight into some of the issues that may be causing pain on a physical level from an energetic perspective. When the session is over-I invite you to tell me about your experience and about any sensations you may have felt over the course of our lightwork together. I close with a Prayer of Gratitude.

WHAT IT FEELS LIKE: You will feel a deep calming meditative state wash over you. Waves of Unconditional Love will wash over you and “pull out” any energy that does not serve you to better yourself. You may feel or sense “clicks or pops”, movement, yawning, sneezing and many other types of energy releases on a physical level. After the session, you will feel lighter, cleaner, fresher, and with more life energy! The healing will continue for as long as an individual needs. You may fall into a deep sleep during or after a session that will be renewing on a cellular level and quite regenerating in the process of healing.

AFTER: The session will most likely continue on a “Spirit Level”, even after we have stopped working but the time of the continued healing varies with the person in need. You may come across some synchronicities in the next upcoming time. Since you will be cleared of any interference standing in the way of your true destiny, you may be confronted with some wonderful opportunities to grow!

WHO CAN BENEFIT: Anyone can benefit from an Angelic Reiki Energy Healing Session! Many physical, emotional and mental illness can be eased, calmed and healed with the nurturing energy of the Life Force. It has helped me gain great insight into my own life experiences and beliefs. Distance healings are just as effective as in person healings. There is no such thing as time and space in Spirit, so we can do work anytime we intend to!

WHO I AM: I am an Angelic Reiki Channel. This is a different sect of energetic healing that I have created. I combine my Reiki I and II attunement with my own unique intuitive gifts of clair-sensing. I am a clear and perfect channel for “Universal Life Force Energy.” I have been attuned twice in 2011-2012 by two different teachers with direct lineage to Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki.) My guides and Angels help me connect with the angelic and spirit realm to receive and give full energetic healings to people in need. I will sense angelic presence, hear and feel guidance while we work together. I have asked that this be my purpose. I am Blessed. And so it is. ~Kendall




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